Bart Timmer and Citroën hit the slopes

Lost poles, lift trouble, flailing limbs — all quintessential pieces of wintertime.  Bart Timmer juxtaposes the follies of winter activity with an overly cheerful tone in this cheeky, comedic spot for Citroën.

Koen Mortier triumphs for Eurosport

There’s no easy path in the pursuit of greatness, but Koen Mortier’s beautiful imagery in this intensely captivating spot for Eurosport drives home the determination and sacrifice behind every success.  


Martin Werner gets dirty with Mr. Clean for Super Bowl 51

You’ve never seen Mr. Clean quite like this. Hot moves and sultry music sets up a cleaning seduction in this new Mr. Clean spot for Super Bowl 51. Director Martin Werner and Leo Burnett Toronto collaborate on this hilarious project proving there is nothing sexier than a man who cleans.