Jonty Toosey confesses the truth for Cannes Lions Health

Jonty Toosey took the Inspiration Stage at Cannes to speak at a seminar hosted by McCann Health called “Fighting for Your Creative Life”.  Toosey spoke about achieving childhood dreams and the challenge and ethical responsibility creators and advertisers have to the truth.  Read more about Jonty’s talk at Cannes here.

Ben/Dave wreck it for Canadian Tire

Comedy directors Ben/Dave team up with Taxi to take on a Canadian Tire Tested spot in a very true-to-life Canadian summer scenario — the one where a wrecking ball takes out your camping tent. Don’t try this one at home.


David Harner nets two at the Clio Sports Awards

David Harner and Cleansheet Communications have won two 2017 Clio Sports Awards for this Canadian Tire campaign that has touched hearts around the world.  Congratulations to the team for picking up a Gold for “Wheels” and a Silver for “The Outsider” in the film category.  And congrats to Cleansheet for also picking up a Silver […]


Ben/Dave go on the brink of reality

In an experience like no other, Ben/Dave push past the limits of VR find themselves in the mind-blowing world of RR at the Hockey Hall of Fame, where the things you see are actually there. Whoa.


Bart Timmer and DNB seize the day

Ever get that voice in your head? One that rallies you towards early retirement and visiting little Eduardo in Peru? Bart Timmer’s hilarious, rousing spot for DNB empowers John to do exactly that, with just a hint of setback.