Martin Werner and Interflora side with love

Love conquers all in Martin Werner’s lovely period piece for Interflora, even when it’s a little complicated.

Martin Werner gets dirty with Mr. Clean for Super Bowl 51

You’ve never seen Mr. Clean quite like this. Hot moves and sultry music sets up a cleaning seduction in this new Mr. Clean spot for Super Bowl 51. Director Martin Werner and Leo Burnett Toronto collaborate on this hilarious project proving there is nothing sexier than a man who cleans.


Jonty Toosey and CIBC make your excuses disappear

Whether you think life insurance is too confusing, too expensive, or too time consuming, Jonty Toosey teamed up with CIBC and JP\TBWA to try to change your perspective on the matter.  Toosey hit the streets with illusionist Zack Mirza to wow the crowd and make their excuses disappear.